Sunday, May 23, 2010

The F Word: Fiber

My semi-solo show opened on Friday and more than 175 people came to our reception.
Rossi and I collaborated on two huge pieces measuring 72" high by 76"wide and these were hung in the front of the gallery so these were the first pieces seen when people walked thrugh the front door.

Our show was all about fiber -- my pieces were made from fabric and thread and Roxanne's pieces were made from hand-made paper. Even though our studios are next to each other and we visit each other all the time, we worked separately and didn't know how it s all going to come together in the end but we got many comments about how well our work complimented each other's. Surprise!

For the pieces we collaborated on, we chose a black and white color scheme. Here are photos of the two large pieces.

This one shows the piece on "my" side of the gallery.

This picture shows the other piece hanging on Roxanne's side of the gallery.

This picture shows some of my other pieces.

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