Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Beginning

I'm going to start my story by explaining how I got started in this business of being a fiber artist. In 2005 I felt the need to contribute to charity by making things with my hands. I found a group of quilt makers who were making children's quilts for firehouses to keep on their trucks to give to a child in distress. that sounded perfect. I hadn't sewn anything since the early mid 70's when I tried to make a King size quilt. (That story is on my website so I won't repeat it here!).

I appeared at the rec center where the women got together and discovered a whole new world -- rotary cutters & mats, computerized sewing machines, and fabulous fabric! I was hooked immediately and spent many hours making small, "I-Spy" quilts for the charity. Here is one of my earliest quilts.

I made this quilt for the birth of my niece, Sophie. I thought she would like the colors and the images on the quilt. I don't think her Mom liked it though since she had received a store-bought quilt from one of her friends and that was the one Sophie had on her bed.

I've heard stories of this happening before -- most people who don't make things have little appreciation for how much work goes into making something unique. I've heard of quilts being used for dog blankets, truck bed covers, and unprotected table cloths.

From these early pieces, I learned many important basics -- how to
cut with a rotary ruler
measure to 1/8th of an inch
sew sashing so that the corners were perfect
sandwiching the 3 layers of the quilt
machine stitching in the ditch
and finally sewing a binding.

These quilts were simple but I was amazed at how much you had to learn to make even a simple project look great.

After making about 50 of these quilts, I started to think -- is there more???


  1. I also started in 2005 after seeing a book in a fabric store. At least you finished your more traditional quilt...I cut out a gazillion pieces and did one really awful block and gave up. Then I discovered the something else and now I have found my niche....

  2. I found the trick is to start small! Making 99 of the same block is so boring your mind freezes!